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Certification & Compliance

ISO Certificate

  • Cetificate ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Declaration of Conformity REACH

DIAMETAL AG as a manufacturer of grinding, cutting tools and wear parts made of hard
metals and ceramics is a “subsequent user” in the sense of the REACH regulation

Responsibilities due to the production and placing on the market of substances /
chemicals for pre-registration and registration (ECHA) are therefore not applicable for us
Our products are articles and therefore cannot be defined as substances or preparations
Furthermore, no substance is released from our products under normal and foreseeable
conditions of use.

Therefore, DIAMETAL AG is neither subject to the obligation to register substances nor to
the obligation to prepare safety data sheets.

The products do not contain any substances from the shortlist of the REACH regulation in
concentrations higherthan 0.1 mass percent.

This declaration corresponds to our state of knowledge and is based on the information
provided by our suppliers. Excluded from the declaration are articles that are
manufactured from non-compliant materials or treated with non-compliant processes at the
customer’s request.

ln order to guarantee our customers a continuous supply of reliable and safe products, we
instruct our suppliers to fulfil all requirements regarding chemical substances and
materials. By doing so, we ensure that no substances from the shortlist of Substances of
Very High Concern (SVHC) are used in the manufacture of our products.
By doing so, we adhere to the obligations of the “ECHA Guidance for Downstream Users”.

This REACH Declaration of Conformity applies to serial products and is therefore valid in