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Swiss Cutting Tool

DIAMETAL Swiss Cutting Tool offer complete machining competence in gears Hobbing, Turning, cutting and roller Burnishing for more than 70 years. Not only are we able to provide optimal solutions for manufacturing high quality work pieces, we also never cease to innovate and satisfy our customers’ needs with exceptional services.

Precision gear cutting

Diametal Group produce solid carbide tools for gear cutting since the 50s. We develop tools especially for our customers which enable manufacture of high quality gears in terms of precision and surface quality.

DIAMETAL Swiss Cutting Tool provide a wide range of gear cutting product

The gear cutter families

  • Fine- pitch hob cutter for epicyclic gears
  • Setting hob
  • hob cutter for frontal gear cutting
  • tooth profile cutter
  • multi-position hob
  • face gear,
  • pignon conique
  • roue conique
  • taillage conique
  • chanfrein de denture
  • taillage engrenage
  • taillage de denture


DIAMETAL Group is the leader on the roller Burnishing market

Supporting discs:

The finishing of the “notches” on the supporting discs allows perfect use during the rolling operation of mainly watchmaking or micromechanical parts and leaves no trace of scratch on the finished work piece

Burnishing wheels:

The main feature of our high quality carbide burnishing wheels with proper sharpening ensure flexible usage.

In our program, we also have burnishing wheels made of different type of ceramic material and “degussit” material

Turning tools

Turning tools and inserts are DIAMETAL Swiss cutting tool expertise for more than 75 years. Our precision turning tools are well known worldwide and our clients are extremely satisfied.

Our program includes :

  • Inserts ISO PCD
  • Inserts ISO
  • Solid carbide boring bar
  • Turning tools for automatic lathes

Special manufactured tool

DIAMETAL Group also has the possibility to create cutting tools of any shape according to your needs. By contacting one of our specialists, he or she can advise you and provide you with the right cutting tool for your application.

  • Drill
  • Helicoidal drill
  • Center drill
  • Step drill
  • Pilot drill
  • Profile drill
  • Flat drill
  • Gun drill
  • Micro drill
  • End mill
  • Cylindrical end mill
  • Ball nose
  • Profile end mill
  • Conical end mill
  • T-slot cutters
  • Engraving mills
  • Chip breaker end mill
  • Logarithmic profile end mill
  • Progressive Helix end mill
  • Micro end mill
  • Torx end mill
  • Thread mill cutter
  • Reamer
  • Shape reamer
  • Tap

Market Application

DIAMETAL Swiss Cutting Tool product are largely applied to these following field.


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